What is VIOMI V9?

VIOMI V9 is a new wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, which was released by the sub-brand of Xioami, VIOMI in May 2020.

VIOMI V9 Features:

1: Professional Purification System

  • Easily separate the dust and air, and easily lock 99.9% of the 0.3 m dusty, to avoid filter congestion leading to a drop in suction, less frequency of cleaning the filter.
  • 1st cyclone, metal mesh, 2nd cyclone, sponge, H12 HEPA, effectively remove 99.9% of Mites.
  • Built-in independent micro-motor drive, dust/hair easy to inhale.
  • Through the wind guide channel design, the super vacuum air pressure is directed to the motor and power group, quickly dissipates the power group working heat.

2: Professional Configuration

  • 100000rpm brushless motor with High-speed roller cleaning.23000Pa with 120W suction power, easily cleaning dusty/hair/grain/coffee beans/screws.
  • The built-in battery can removable and individually charged, and easy to change the battery.
  • 60 minutes working time in energy-saving mode, easily clean 380 square meters big house.33 min working time in normal mode;9min working time in Strong mode.

3: Comfortable to Use

  • In front with LED light The dust/hair in any dead area, like under the bed, the crevices…etc., easily to be seen under the light.
  • Dumping dusty with one button It can auto empty the dusty in the dusty box with a single touch, without selling the hands and making it more sanitary.
  • 5 level battery display 5 blue lights display, each lamp represents 20% of the power, can visually remind the machine power, reasonable arrangements for cleaning progress.

What are the Full Specs of VIOMI V9?

Device VIOMI V9
Color Black
Dimension 330 x 114 x 209mm
Weight 1.54kg
Battery 2500mAh(Charging 3.5h)
Voltage 25.2V
Power 400W
Working Time 60min(Low) 33min(Middle) 9min(High)
Motor 100000rpm (DC Brushless)
Suction Power 120AW
Wind Pressure 23Kpa
Filtration System Multi cyclonic  with 5  level filtering (99.9%)
Noise 71(Low)/75(Middle)/83(High)dB(A)
Dust Cup 0.4L
Brushroll: 4 kinds of

What is the Best Price and where Can I Buy it?



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